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Some days are very long, and we spend them – for work or any other reason – keeping the same position for hours (for example standing or sitting at the office desk). Thus the risk of compromising the health of our legs, as they are really affected by such a condition or habit. What can we do? Some specific beauty accessories are perfect to wear to restore balance and aiding blood circulation. These are graduated tights, which are able to give immediate relief thanks to the diverse graduated compression they apply on ankle, calf and thigh.

Antistress effect for dull and tired legs

Whether you wear them under elegant dresses or under skirts in the office, support tights are elastic tights suitable for all women who want to take care of their legs, continuously under stress. Compression is gradual on lower limbs: legs are smoothly tightened from ankle, improving venous blood flow to the heart. There are a large number of models and among them the most popular are the summer support tights. The reason is pretty simple: summer brings in a number of complications and circulatory discomfort, especially in the warmer months. Taking actions to prevent swollen legs and help movements is very important: heavy legs is a feeling that no one really likes. 

Denier and how they change compression

The compression strength of hosiery stockings from ankle to thigh is easy to understand by looking at their specific denier. 40 denier tights have a relatively light compression and are perfect for a light swelling or heaviness of the leg. 70 denier support tights are however the favourite model, as they grant a medium compression and can help prevent spider veins. Support tights 140 denier are finally the most suitable to wear when diseases of varicose veins appear, and a stronger strength is needed. 

Just like all other categories of tights, support tights take up very little space in your wardrobe and can be easily stored in dedicated containers.

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