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Men’s long socks by Sarah Borghi stand out for the wide range of options, all Made in Italy and of the highest quality. Choosing the right one is important, since men’s long socks are worn all year long and allows to define the person’s style precisely. 

Men’s long socks are inevitably shown off, and having in your wardrobe the assortment right for every season and every look is compulsory.

Sarah Borghi offer for men’s long socks focuses on combinations tone on tone or fashion. Materials are wool, cotton, microfibre and lisle. A great variety that makes it possible to find the right men’s sock, according to one’s personality and occasion.

Sarah Borghi men’s cotton socks: designs for all occasions

You can find men’s long socks declined in many designs, which will accompany men during office hours as well as leisure time. A must-have is the classic design, i.e cotton men’s long socks with plain mesh. Sarah Borghi makes them in 4 colours that are really easy to match : navy , moro (dark brown), grigio scuro (dark grey) and nero (black) . 

The other style that could not miss in the Sarah Borghi range are men’s long socks in warm cotton. These are warmer and perfect for cold winter days. These are also available in 4 colours : anthracite (grey), blu (blue) ,moro (dark brown) and nero (black).

If however you like a more sporty but not less elegant design, check for Sarah Borghi men’s long socks in cotton compact zero , with a rib pattern . An unbelievable light and cool design, perfect for mid-seasons. Available in 5 colours : blu (blue) , corda (sandy grey) , denim , grigio (grey ) and nero (black) . 

With similar features but different materials are the men’s long socks in linen, temperature-regulating material par excellence, suitable also for summer. Sarah Borghi offers these men’s long socks in very attractive melange tones : corda (sandy grey), denim, menta (mint ) and rubino (ruby).

Men’s long socks: wool, lisle or microfibre?

It is not an easy choice, since wool, fine cotton and microfibre have different features and uses according to the situation. Fine cotton men’s long socks are marked by comfort, softness, durability, high breathability, anti-bacterial and anti-allergic properties, as well as bright colours. It is no coincidence that Sarah Borghi presents coloured lisle socks in three models: optical, honeycomb and monochrome. Perfect for the man who wants to dare with style. 

No less interesting are the Sarah Borghi men's long wool socks, which are available in the wool and silk blend version, a refined combination, delicate in contact with the skin, and in the very elegant and impeccable option of men's long cashmere socks. Designs that exemplifies the deep research in style as well as in raw materials, that underlies Sarah Borghi collections.

And what about microfibre men’s long socks? Microfibre proves to be the most suitable material on some occasions , for example in leisure time. Sarah Borghi men's long microfibre socks are available in different colours, both plain and ribbed. They are perfect for those situations where you need all-day clothing that guarantees the best fit.

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