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It’s not easy to choose the right socks for men, as styles differ from each other and each one has its own specific use. This is for example men’s no-show and shoe liner socks. No-show socks are also known as footies or invisible socks. This is a sock that covers only the sole of the foot, from the heel to the toe, and is practically invisible when worn. This is perfect for more casual looks during leisure time.

And shoe liner? Men’s shoe liner socks cover the whole foot up to the ankle. They are ideal for more sporty outfits and sneakers, which in today's fashion are also worn on more formal occasions. They are perfect with shorts, Bermuda shorts and jeans but also, when declined in the more classic options such as the Sarah Borghi men’s shoe liner socks, with more formal suits.

Sarah Borghi offer of no-show and shoe liner socks for man

Sarah Borghi chooses raw materials from renewable sources and of the highest quality for its men’s no-show and shoe liner socks, because these are in direct contact with the foot, where the skin is delicate.

Two designs : one in linen and the other in cotton. While cotton is better known and appreciated, linen, a natural fibre used for thousands of years, is often underestimated. Its properties tell of a fresh fabric, capable of adapting perfectly to the skin, guaranteeing an optimal temperature, and hypoallergenic.

Sarah Borghi no-show socks in linen.

Sarah Borghi linen mini socks are an example of how men's no-show socks can be really good for all seasons and especially in summer. This thanks to all the properties linen has , including its unrivalled resistance. It is available in 4 fashionable melange shades: corda (sandy grey) , denim, menta (mint) and rubino (ruby), Perfect for an ultimate matching with some sporty outfits and even for wearing to the beach in summer. 

Measure of men’s no-show is very close to the shoe liner socks, which is why both models are particularly hidden inside the shoe. The height reaches the lower part of the ankle and is particularly comfortable.

Sarah Borghi no-show socks in cotton

Sarah Borghi mini socks in cotton fall into the category of men’s no-show socks, as they discreetly cover the foot up to the malleolus, the protruding bone of the ankle with a simple and classic mood . Available in 4 basic colours : bianco (white), grigio (grey), navy (navy ) and nero (black) , they make the foot feel really comfortable.

Available in 4 basic shades: white, gray, navy and black .

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