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Sarah Borghi women’s socks are available in different lengths, from the ones below the calf to models of women’s short socks which are below the ankle. Versatility is also ensured by the great variety of colour shades, fashion seasonal colours beside the basic white, black and browns. 

Materials are both of natural origin, such as wool and cotton, and synthetic, all in the name of environmental consciousness, thanks to Sarah Borghi preference for raw materials of renewable origin. A basic, contemporary style for women’s socks that are long lasting and can be used in everyday life reflecting personality (and uniqueness) of every woman. Because it is from details that style is finalized and socks can make a real difference, as all accessories can.

Sarah Borghi women's socks: all facets of a style

Socks pairs up with trousers, skirts and shorts. In the past few years fashion has highlighted socks and requires you to show them off more : open shoes such as décolleté , sandals and loafers , also in the latest stylish version with platform, are all perfect to match with socks.

Sarah Borghi offers women's socks nice to see in many different designs, like women’s unique and eclectic personality. Particularly trendy are lurex socks Lara, women’s socks with a romantic and refined mood, and Carola lurex socks, sparkling and funny. Both tell of a woman who wants to always be different and bright. 

Among Sarah Borghi styles you can find women's openwork socks in many striking fashion colours, unique and eye-catching, perfect for those special shoes where socks see through and for ladies who love the 70’s style. Among them we highlight the pretty and colourful women’s socks Giulia and Lucienne.

However, if you are looking for amazing and surprising women’s short socks, check for a sensual design like Annamaria calzino by Sarah Borghi : you will feel your feet free, elegant but at the same time protected. But then, if you prefer a more romantic look, you need to try Rosie short socks, with delicate flowerish embroideries.

Women’s cotton socks, short and ….mini !

Sarah Borghi's socks collection couldn't fail to include women's cotton socks, colourful but not less elegant than the other socks in the range. Never disappointing is style Marzia ankle socks, 100% cotton and no peeling, which can stay in contact with the most sensitive skins and give the wearer extra comfort. 

For a more sporty style, women’s short socks Loredana are ideal : they slightly roll on top, a funny detail which will make you feel like a pretty child . Main fashion colours are green, orchidea and the classic blue, a perfect match to any kind of clothing.

Last but not least, mini socks could not fail to be included in Sarah Borghi collection. Short socks which Sarah Borghi offers in this range are Gemma Mini Calzino and Mini Calzino : the former with viscose and sheer, the latter with cotton and in classic colours like black and white. Minisocks are no higher than the ankle and always handy to have in the wardrobe, in summer and winter alike.

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