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Fashion etiquette is very clear when it comes to tights specifically : it is said that bare legs are not elegant and only during the summer season or informal context can be shown off. Perfect seasons for wearing trendy tights are therefore winter , autumn and spring . 

Fashion tights, beauty accessories which define any outfit

A world of elegant and sophisticated textures, refined patterns ,precious embroidery but also intense colours designed for creating the Wow effect in the observer . Ladies’ tights are part of every woman’s wardrobe: they are real beauty accessories which discreetly contribute to defining any outfit.The silhouette looks better , and so many models and categories of fashion tights do exist that it is impossible not to find the one which describes you and your personality. High-quality tights are traditionally manufactured in Italy, and Sarah Borghi perfectly fits into this area, focusing on knowledge and craftsmanship but also sustainability and refinement of materials  

Lively colours, embroideries and shaping panties

Fashion tights are for a traverse audience, there is no real reference age. Solid bright colours are preferred by women under 30, while sheer models or more matt ones are suitable to interpret every day and office outfits as well as more formal situations. Fashion tights can be shown off during gala dinners, important ceremonies or stylish business brunches. Design with embroidered details and shaping panty are perfect to shape the silhouette in an undetectable way especially at night. A high level of sophistication and great attention to details go hand in hand in the Sarah Borghi Brand , which relies on originality and Made in Italy quality.

The importance of well-being of legs in motion

There are tights conceived for the well-being of ladies on the move. Legs are actually our main means of transport, and we have to take care not only about their appearance but also of their health. To this, styles with honeycomb mesh and graduated compression are the best solution. We talk about an aspect which can not be underestimated, and to this purpose the role of tights is essential, as they help avoid problems due to fluid retention by stimulating the proper blood circulation. Beside this, caring about your legs with exercise means having healthy , beautiful and shapely legs to show off.

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