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We all know how the fashion world has always been affected by drastic changes and cyclical developments. Breaking conventional rules is the handbook for the combination of clothes and trendy outfit. All can be by now, in the name of an extreme personalization of the physical aspect. This is especially true for ladies’ hosiery, a product always ready to tell of the femininity of the bodies they are worn by, and at the same time be the ideal accessory for casual, elegant or very chic figures. 

When are tights intended to be worn and what does Denier mean

Tights are a feminine piece of hosiery, made of nylon, whose aim is to perfectly wrap the lady’s body from the waist down to the leg. These accessories became popular on the large-scale around the 60s, when the miniskirt had been launched onto the market and it has completely changed the concept of women’s fashion. Since then ladies start showing their legs , and an accessory like tights becomes necessary to protect them , especially in the colder months. This brings to the forefront the experience of selecting similar accessories, which from practical and banal clothes soon became precious details. A new dedicated vocabulary has become then familiar, especially referring to “denier” . “Denier “ is the unit to measure linear density and it corresponds to 1 gram per 9 thousands metres of yarn. The smaller the number of deniers is , the sheerer and then light ladies’ tights will look. The so-called sheer tights go from 15 to 30 denier, the opaque models from 40 denier up

Formal happening, dinner parties and everyday outfit

To understand when tights are to be worn, you need to start from a rule of Etiquette which says naked legs should not be shown unless of course in the summer, i.e the warmer months. In general ladies’ tights are perfect for a Gala evening, or at dinners parties and formal cocktails. They complete the outfit of pencil dresses or midi skirts, in combination with a jacket or a sophisticated blouse. 

Online shops are then perfect for you to choose the right pair of tights: they know how to offer all necessary information and facilitate comparison, without haste. Size needs to be the right one, in order to achieve maximum fit and avoid unsightly folds. Tights have climbed the ranking of popularity gaining a prominent place among the most liked accessories and stylish details for ladies outfit. They help slimming down the figure and improve the look of the silhouette as a whole.

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