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Speaking of hold-up stockings means referring to a truly classic and timeless accessory, closely tied to the very concept of femininity. They suit all body types and are undoubtedly the symbol of sensuality and good taste. A wide choice of hold-ups is on the market, all perfect styles to cover the legs of slender as well as curvy ladies. How are they? Hold-ups stockings are long to the thigh, made of nylon and usually in a small range of colours (black or browns). The top, often precious and richly embroidered, is usually made of lace but you can also find options. To this detail, a special silicone is applied, which allows the stocking to hold up firmly, which is a must especially when legs are in motion.  

Three key elements of perfect hold-up stockings

There are three main features which identify hold-ups tights as perfect: first strength, which grants their durability. Then width of the top, which, as mentioned, has great importance to ensure the right coverage and the perfect fit. Finally, stockings with hold-up lace tops have to always be comfortable when worn– throughout the day or just for the time you need. 

They are perfect for interpreting different situations, they can be worn during events and special situations but also to go for a simple walk and in general in everyday life. Finally, suitable for the most intriguing occasions are the hold-up stockings with garters: the latter is worn over the chosen underwear and hooked to the tights for a super hot effect. Same evaluations, in any case, can be made with reference to lace hold-ups and fishnet hold-ups

How to wear and match hold-up stockings

Hold up stockings are an innovative product with a relatively recent past: consider they first appeared in the late 80s of the past century. Their popularity has grown very fast, and soon they became worldwide renowned. Hold-ups can combine with flare dresses or with not-too-tight clothes.

Like anything else, excesses or daring too much is always risky, and the right aesthetic harmony needs to be found. To this purpose, we can say that hold up stockings with embroideries or patterns are more suitable for wearing under midi-long dresses or skirts with solid colours. Finally, a quick glance at denier, which starts from ultra-sheer 15 denier hold-ups , to medium sheer 40 denier hold-ups , up to 70 denier which are definitely more opaque .

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