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When it is the time to choose the best outfit for the day, some beauty accessories have become essential. We talk about shaping tights, which an increasing number of women choose because they can improve the look of their legs and of their silhouette overall. How do they work? Worn under skirts, dresses and trousers to shape the body and highlight the strengths of the feminine body.  

Shaping tights emphasizing legs and femininity

There are many models, each of them having a different thickness and design, so that they can always interpret every woman’s needs. Legs are the ultimate in femininity, and shaping tights know well how to show them off. They guarantee a pleasant look – especially seam free shaping tights – and can improve the positive self-perception. They are also soothing accessories because of the graduated compression which helps blood circulation. An aspect you must not underestimate when you plan to wear compression tights for many hours. 

The slimming effect on thighs and hips which brightens up your day

It is interesting to emphasise that shaping tights have a contouring and slimming action thus defining the silhouette , particularly the ones with reinforced panty which reduce waist and hips size. It is important we care about our appearance, especially because this seriously affects our mood and the way in which we deal with work, family and social activities every day.  

Choosing the right denier is truly important, because this detail can help get the desired shaping effect, refining the silhouette even better. There are also specific types of shaping footless tights, which come right from the world of ballet. They look similar to leggings, but they differ in thickness. Moreover, by improving blood circulation it is possible to counteract the imperfection of cellulitis and finally reduce the annoying ankle swelling. 

Deniers, which affect the opaque look of the tights, are a key element when you choose your body shaping tights. Tights from 15 to 30 denier are sheerer, while from 40 to 60 are darker and more opaque. Shaping tights are designed with the very best technologies and are at the forefront of style, always focused on women’s well-being. Wearing shaping tights is always a good idea, whether you wear them for leisure, parties or work. They deliver a feeling of lightness and strong dynamism, all thanks to the graduated, gentle compression they provide.

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