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There was a time when ladies tights were bought and worn mainly for their protective function in the colder months. In other words, they were for practical use only. Nowadays tights have changed to be a real fashion statement that you can not live without. And this is true for both women and men: attention to detail has become a lifestyle, and no other detail is more intriguing and sophisticated than a pair of tights, stockings or socks. But not to forget there is a whole section of classic styles , which still are purchased for their shaping , support or plus sizes features , all with special knitting constructions. 

Whatever situation you are in, you can always wear unique models which will guarantee the Wow effect. At the very end, this is one of the ultimate goals when we choose our outfit and dress. Especially ladies’ tights represent a timeless accessory, which following the changes during the different historical times has become increasingly important.

Importance of quickly comparing fibres and styles

Female beauty is a concept closely linked to the garments you wear, and being fashionable is a step forward to self-fulfilment. It is important to have a good relationship with your mirrored image everyday. The very act of dressing should become a pleasure, and finding out original clothing and accessories is the true starting point. That is why more and more people choose to buy ladies hosiery online, where the choice is wider. Many designs for ladies hosiery ,and besides tights you can find socks, knee-highs and hold ups. On Sarah Borghi portal you will always be able to find the accessories that suit you best. 

Denier, patterns and combinations: Things to know

As mentioned, ladies’ hosiery is a rich and vibrant world. Inside you can find full length tights or stockings, designs made of cotton , silk or wool , fishnet and patterned tights available in different deniers: you will be spoilt for choice . That’s why it is so important to know that you can rely on women's socks for sale in digital mode. Virtual showcases are always well-assorted and rich in useful information to help you choose the right product. A choice that can be related to a specific occasion, to climate or to the weather of the season. Thus, denier is a detail of fundamental importance. 

There are sheer tights of 15 or 20 denier, while thicker tights - better for winter - range from 40 to 60 denier are more opaque. The kind of shoes you wear will also make the difference when you choose your buy of tights. A general rule? Refrain from wearing black tights with black shoes, as this may let you look “shorter”.

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