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Knee highs are practical, comfortable and easy to wear accessories. Sarah Borghi manufactures them with raw materials from renewable sources, and they are simple to match with the various styles of women.

The knee-high is a sheer knee-length piece of hosiery. Sarah Borghi offers women’s knee highs in both classic and extremely comfortable and patterned or coloured options, which are trendy and fascinating. Knee-highs confirm themselves as an accessory, always versatile and smart.

Features of knee-highs

Knee-highs can be worn in a variety of situations. They perfectly pair with elegant or casual trousers, and the knee-highs by Sarah Borghi are available in many shades, patterns and yarns so that they satisfy the different woman’s needs.

The lady’s hosiery knee-highs have a plain top which allows this product to hold up to the knee all day long. Sarah Borghi designs are fashion or classic: they can be worn under trousers or shown off, perfectly matching with shoes like sneakers as well as décolleté. An extra touch of style which wants to be a fashion statement in line with the outfit, in the name of the Made in Italy design.

Woman knee-highs by Sarah Borghi

Comfort knee-highs are made by Sarah Borghi with the graduated compression system, suited to covering the area from the foot to the knee and keeping this part, which is subject to many stresses during the day, always relaxed.

Sarah Borghi ‘s opaque knee-highs are available in many fibres’ options. Among the warmer to be worn in winter is Adele knee-high, with merino wool, viscose and cashmere. An elastic knee-sock with large ribs which pampers you thanks to the great softness of cashmere.

Interesting the same are Carola knee-sock, very warm and opaque, and Iole knee-sock , which is available in a huge range of fashion colours with bright or sober nuances, patterned with thin and discreet ribs. All opaques and warm knee-highs , made for a basic but lively style, capable of offering the right combination with the other accessories in the outfit for every occasion.

Sheer knee-highs and fishnet knee-highs are also not missing in the Sarah Borghi range. Every woman can find her own knee-high, then. Enjoy the many innovative, sustainable and elegant styles Sarah Borghi is offering. Knee-highs that will make you feel at ease and comfortable throughout the whole day.

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