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Sarah Borghi Green:

an environmental friendly collection

Hosiery manufactured according to sustainable principles, in respect of the environment without compromising on style.


green energy

We use energy from renewable sources only


green investments

More than 50% of our investments are to safeguard our planet


green plastics

recyclable, recycled and bioplastics

Sarah Borghi: Green soul

In its path towards sustainability Sarah Borghi aims to develop products of high quality but with a lower environmental impact. Therefore, Sarah Borghi selects yarns which comply with criteria of ethics and fiber composition only, and thanks to investments in research and development the production of sustainable articles has widely spread among its collections. In terms of sustainable development, Sarah Borghi has set itself ambitious goals to be achieved by 2030:

  • Substantially increase water efficiency and reduce fresh water withdrawals and supplies thus reducing the impact on the environment and people;
  • Significantly increase the share of renewable energy in its total energy mix usage;
  • Reduce the negative environmental impact, especially in terms of air quality and waste management.

Sustainable tights, leggings and hold ups: the yarns

All product of the green collection are made with ecological yarns or organic cotton with GOTS certification.

Amni Soul Eco® is a yarn which thanks to its landfill accelerated degradation technology helps strongly to reduce the impact of textile industry on the planet. Roica EcoSmart ™ is a yarn with 58% of pre-consumer recycled fiber, certified by GRS (Global Recycled Standard) , which helps reducing waste and the use of resources. The green tights made from the combination of these two yarns are available in three options: 20, 40 and 80 deniers.

The collection also includes eco-friendly tights and stockings made from organic cotton and cashmere GOTS-certified. With its Green collection, Sarah Borghi achieves Global Recycle Standard certification - the most important international standard for sustainable production of garments and textile products made from recycled materials. The Standard is to grant the recycled content of the product and they issue a third-party verified environmental declaration that assures the fiber content in the product, traceability throughout the entire production process, restriction of the use of chemicals, and strict observance of environmental and social criteria at all stages of the supply chain.

We minimize the impact of the packaging on the environment

Sarah Borghi's sustainable commitment also goes through the packaging.

When it comes to environmental impact, one of the aspects is packaging, whose purpose is to safeguard the quality of the garments but by its very nature it is a disposable product.

Sarah Borghi challenge has been to use a packaging which surely protects the garments, but which is made only with materials that care about the environment.

Our Commitment: Projects

Sarah Borghi supports the 'Zero Waste' project, a waste management strategy that involves the re-use of certain waste materials to support process activities with the aim of significantly reducing the amount of waste to be disposed of.

The company strategy behind the project is based on the quantitative reduction of waste produced with the reuse of waste materials to support production processes.

Sarah Borghi has also joined the ZDHC (Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals) Programme, an international programme , evolution of the Greenpeace's DETOX campaign to eliminate hazardous chemicals from the textile industry.

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