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When you are ready to choose your plus size tights, you need to consider a variety of factors to get the desired aesthetic and contouring outcome. Size first of all, which needs to be tailored to avoid unsightly folds: a too small model can result in a model that tightens on hips causing an unpleasant look and making you feel uncomfortable.

What to consider when choosing curvy tights

Tights designed to cover the legs of a curvy lady must not crease or tear: the risk is to become a fashion accessory scarcely appealing beside being uncomfortable. The best option is then to rely on brands like Sarah Borghi, a leading player in the hosiery industry, inspired by the best made in Italy manufacturing tradition, and designed in the name of a strong Italian craftsmanship and strict principles of sustainability. 

Matt look, yarns’ quality, colours and embroideries of tights for curvy ladies are to be evaluated. Note that thickness of the tights is of major importance: a thick product can be opaque but definitely too hot to be worn in some seasons like spring . 

Comfort, fit and no hassle

Tights for curvy ladies have to smoothly cover the figure without squeezing, granting a good fit especially in the hip area. Important to that is the unique band knitted to avoid friction at thigh level, where otherwise you may feel discomfort. Curvy tights are perfect to be worn all day long and on any occasion: there are so many models that they can always interpret the needs of any woman who wants to be beautiful and comfortable with her look. All this can actually increase self-confidence both at work and in social relations. Flat seams and reinforced toe complete the features of the most performing styles for curvy women. Waistbands are designed for the higher comfort and the shaping panty can provide a substantial help to well-being, especially when you wear these tights many hours during the day.  

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